"Music is the strongest form of magic."
Do you want to be a magician?

About the Blog

Rhys Newman

It should come as no surprise that music has been the driving force that inspired the creation of this blog. Growing up, my world was adorned with melodies—headphones always around my neck, a mixtape at my hip. From my parents’ cherished songs to crafting my own tunes, music became the heartbeat of my existence. This blog, beyond a digital diary, is a sonorous exploration of creativity and lifestyle. It’s an homage to the melodies that shape our stories and the rhythms that define our lives. Triggered by the realization that the fusion of music, creativity, and lifestyle is a potent force, this platform serves as both a refuge and celebration for enthusiasts and creative minds alike. From reviews to artist spotlights and discussions on the synergy between beats and lifestyle, every post is a note in the symphony of our collective journey. Join me in this rhythmic odyssey where music transcends the ordinary, weaving into the fabric of our shared existence.



Good melodies and tunes permeate all aspects of living. That is why I try to look at a spectrum of topics from a musical lens.

Creative World

We all create music with whatever is available to us. If you want to give your natural impulses a sense of craft, dive into the posts here.


For beginners and experts alike, the musical journey is infinite. There’s always something to learn, and you might find something new here.


Music can be a big part of wellness and self-actualization in your life, if only you can find ways to better incorporate it. Learn how here.


Even a solo act needs instruments and backup vocals. Music is oft not created in isolation, which is why I want you to come jam with me and the rest of this community by actively taking part in my blog. Tell me what you think of my posts, share your original musical thoughts, and connect with me about anything else music-related. I’d be sure to appreciate it and get back to you ASAP!

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